Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alexander McQueen

I've already sent this link to a few people so I figured that's reason enough to share it on the ole blog. Anyway on this site Jezebel, which is kind of like Gawker but geared towards young women with a post-feminist sensibility, they posted a bunch of photographs from Alexander McQueen's fashion show in Paris earlier this month. The show had a sort of futuristic/space theme, and everything looks really artistic and innovative. At the same time, some of the dresses and stuff are borderline someone-could-actually-get-away-with-wearing- them. It's all women's fashion so obviously I'd have no reason to be buying any of this stuff (even in my rich fantasy life where money is no object), but sometimes I enjoy just looking at fashion shows and photography like this and being like "ooh pretty." This is probably an outlying symptom of being a culture junkie.  If you're interested in seeing more there's a video and stuff on Alexander McQueen's website.

Coincidentally, I did buy this awesome paisley dress shirt not too long ago from that online discount clothing site (want to join?), which -- it turns out -- is also by Alexander McQueen. Here's a photo that was taken when some of the H-town girls were visiting DC. (See that? I knew I could find a way to make this post all about me).  I'm not super pleased with my squinty, pudgy face in the photo but anyways you can kind of see the shirt... and also the new pair of glasses I bought in July.

SONG I'M LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: Harrison Schaaf - Karate (I Make It Rain) ft. Lil Wayne.

Images: photo from Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 fashion show taken on October 3, 2009 in Paris by FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images and found on Jezebel.


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Well you can't say they're not interesting.

nola32 said...

i <3 the jackets in that show. but you know that i have a fashion crush on alexander mcqueen. (love that shirt, by the way. where's the pic of the scarf?)