Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool Music: Midlake

Another good band that I think I originally discovered through Aquarium Drunkard and which I've been listening to more lately is Midlake. Midlake originally hale from Texas (Denton, TX which is just north of Dallas and Fort Worth) and they play kind of indie/ alternative/folk rock (i.e. what I like to call "White People Music"). I feel like if you're into the National, Kings of Leon, Blitzen Trapper or any other groups like that (also the Decembrists who I hesitated to mention because I personally think a lot of their stuff can be boring and whiney) then you might also enjoy Midlake.

My favorite Midlake song is still the first song I've ever heard by them: "Roscoe" off their 2006 album The Trials of Van Occupanther. The whole song is pretty great (I want to say that it's almost universally recognized as their best track), but I think the best lines is "Been born in 1891, waiting with my Aunt Roseline." I think it's just so evocative of the era they're -- somewhat earnestly, somewhat winkingly -- singing about. Plus, I had an Aunt Roslyn.

Here's the video:

You can find some more of their music on myspace, assuming you haven't turned your back on that corner of the internet forever. There's also more midlake videos available on youtube.

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Kevin said...

Not bad. They sound kinda like a mix of The Killers and Fleet Foxes.