Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a Good Thing I'm Not the President

Lately, it seems like there is this group of crazies out there whose strategy is to just jump up and down and scream and shout nonsense ("Let's see your birth certificate!" "Death panels!") so that nothing will get done. And for some reason the media has decided to devote like 80% of its airtime to these nutters and their irrational concerns. Also, I am now 100% convinced that all these healthcare protests are being funded by pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, etc.

If I was the president I would totally be like "Fuck it! I give up. I don't want to hear what's going on, and I'm over trying to make any changes for the better or get anything accomplished." (You may remember that this was Bush's mindset from at least 2007 onwards.)

It is really a good thing that Obama is so good at keeping his cool and keeping his eye on the prize because people (protesters, pundits, Congress) are just infuriating.

UNRELATED: for some reason it really grinds my gears whenever I read POTUS or SCOTUS; can we all agree to stop using these godawful, secret service acronyms or whatever the hell they are?

Image: photo of shouter at town hall meeting with Arlen Specter by AP Photos/Carolyn Kaster


T Unit said...

I am actually nominating Sarah Palin's baby to be the first person killed by the death panels.

Meeg said...


Mike Licht, said...

First appointment to Obama Death Panel.