Friday, August 28, 2009

Cool Music: Possibly Maybe

What song am I listening to right now? "Possibly Maybe" by Björk.

She is from Iceland. I want to say that she looks like she could be part like-native Greenlander or something. But I think I heard her whole family is just Icelandic going way back. Here is a pic I took when I was in Iceland last May.

Does any else remember how they played a clip from this song on that music video show on VH1 called Insomiac before it went to commercial? Insomniac was really such an evil name. I remember seeing it and thinking "I'm watching insomniac music theater? Damn, what time is it!" Kind of a buzzkill.

Apparently, this show is still on the air only now they call it "Nocturnal State". Hmm, good to know.

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nola32 said...

this makes me think about how maybe i convinced you to at least sort of like gerard butler when i told you that he said that he wanted to move back home to scotland soon but then said, 'although i really like iceland, as well'. i love that he got bonus points for being a fan...