Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Meeg

Hey, everybody, a couple of people sent me this survey on Facebook where you're supposed to list 25 random facts about yourself. I figured I'd post my answers here because "why not?" I'm not above padding my blog with a filler post or two. Let the oversharing begin...

1. Whenever I hear the intro for that song "Dreams" by the Cranberries I hope it's going to be the cover Faye Wong sings in Cantonese.

2. I find it slightly irritating when someone says "button down" instead of "dress shirt."

3. I don't mind it when a book is good but the ending is a let down, I think good endings are hard to come by.

4. I really want to go hiking more often.

5. When I was a kid I was afraid of going down escalators and I was always secretly happy when one broke down so I could walk down it like ordinary stairs.

6. For about a year, every time I sneezed it would get caught in my chest and it would be like a soft punch to the sternum.

7. Big spotlights shining up and illuminating the cloud cover kind of freak me out.

8. Sometimes I feel like I'm spiritually communing with the big guy.

9. I can remember listening to that song "Everybody wants to rule the world" by Tears for Fears when I was a kid and thinking "Aah, so true."

10. I can be a book snob and sometimes I try to hide the cover of the book I'm reading on the metro when I think that it's not worthy.

11. I actually don't think I'm very good at languages, but I would like to learn several more.

12. I love the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven.

13. If I lived during the Roman Empire I think my favorite gods would be Isis and Athena

14. I pride myself on the conviction that if some maniac was trying to kill me I would not hesitate to put a bullet (in fact several) through his head.

15. I tend to magnify chores and errands in my mind until they seem like a way more daunting task than they are.

16. Slow pedestrians blocking my way annoys me to no end, even when I'm in no hurry to get where I'm going.

17. I like fiction that is told from the perspective of an interesting or unreliable narrator.

18. I can never decide how I want to transcribe Russian words using the Latin alphabet.

19. My preferred methods of long distance communication are gchat and text message.

20. At some point I was able to recite a list of all the Roman emperors up to Constantine.

21. I can recite "L'Infinto" by Giacomo Leopardi, most of "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell (I think I get the last stanza messed up), and like the first stanza of "The Female of the Species" by Rudyard Kipling.

22. A couple of years back I decided to start reading the Bible and I got up to the part where Solomon is constructing the temple before I stopped (for now).

23. These songs are on my ipod's Top 25 most played list: "The Sun Sits Low" from A Little Night Music, "Chromakey Dreamcoat" by the Boards of Canada, "Why Won't You Talk About It?" by the Radio Dept., "Dangerous (DJ Dainjah Remix)" by Busta Rhymes, "Here's Your Future" by the Thermals, "Whisky in the Jar" by the Pogues, "Palabras, Palabras" by Carmen Sevilla...

24. If there was a good job opportunity which required me to live abroad for a year or two I would jump at it.

25. I'm getting a yoga mat.

* * *

That's it for this session. Let me know if you fill out the survey yourself.


nola32 said...

ok so number 3 makes me think of 'little, big' (how could it not) and number 14 (was it?) makes me think about how much you hate packing when really it's not that big of a deal.

oh, and i totally did that thing on facebook, although i must admit that i half-assed it. maybe i should do it again more seriously (and not include things like, 'i don't want to be at work right now').

Neil Fulwood said...

10, 15, 17 and 24 - yup, me too.

14 - hell, yeah.

You've got me thinking now, might post my own random 25. The key word being 'random'.