Sunday, May 4, 2008

Watching the Guild

Have any of you seen/heard about this series of web videos called The Guild which won a bunch of awards for best web video thingie (such as the SXSW Greenlight award, hollah Austin!)? It's about a group of people who play together as part of a "guild" (basically a hunting party) in one of those fantasy-rock online roleplaying games, where you go around committing goblin genocide and stealing treasure from dragons (like World of Warcraft), and what happens when they all meet up in person. It's not as dorky as it sounds... Ok, maybe it is, but it's still pretty entertaining.

The main character is a young woman whose therapist fires her because she is not pursuing social interaction outside of the internet and the other members of the guild include an Indian American guy with stalker tendencies, a slacker mom, a middle-aged cheapskate, a spazzy teenager, and a too-cool Asian girl who is constantly fidgeting with her Nintendo DS.

So far there are nine episodes and each one is about 3-5 minutes long. To give you a taste, here's the first episode:

Pretty cute right? You can check out the rest on youtube or on the Guild's website. You can be like "I'm so much cooler than those losers who spend all their time on the internet" as you make your way through the whole series.

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Josie said...

i think 'the retarded cousin of the guild' is the hotness (ep. 5)! No cheese gouging!

Meeg said...

Oh my, Josie. Good thing you're already married. Is it his modelling work for sauerbrauten that won you over?