Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Ideas for Band Names

While I was in the office today (Saturday), I stumbled upon this post on Used Wigs (the site's tagline is "Quality Workday Distractions") called Free Band Names. This started me thinking about my brilliant ideas regarding names for hypothetical musical groups that I might belong to or manage or something someday. And, hey, I have a blog so why not share these gems? So here's my top 3 suggestions for band names. If you happen to have a nameless fledgling music group feel free to steal one, but you totally have to leave a comment and a link to your myspace page or whatever. Anyway, here it goes...

3. Jason and the Cosmonauts: band names following the "Given Name and the Plural Nouns" formula harken back to old school rock and roll groups. Plus, this name references the legendary voyage of the Argos and its motley crew as well as the Soviet/Russian space program -- both of which are very cool things.

2. Last Exit Before Toll: I always thought those signs were deep when I rode past one -- plus no one wants to pay the toll. This makes me think about that time I dropped Amanda off to babysit for someone and on the way back to our apartment in uptown New Orleans I somehow accidentally crossed the bridge to the Westbank (or the Wank, if you will). Then I had no money in my pocket to pay the toll to get back to civilization, and Nicole told me I was going to have to make a detour and cross over the scary Huey P which was free, but then Amanda informed me of the emergency Taco Bell money she kept stashed away in the glove compartment. Ah, good times. Also, you could maybe call yourself "Last Exit" or "LEBT" for short.

1. Article 28 (former Article 30): My personal favorite although it's probably the dorkiest. It's a reference to European Union law and the Article that bars member states from placing restrictions on imports from other member states. The powers-that-be made some changes and switched the order of the Articles around between the original Treaty of Rome and the later Treaty of Maastricht just to add to the confusion (because the whole speaking different languages thing wasn't bad enough). But really only your hardcore fans need to know the origin of the name, everyone else will just think its fun to say. And I would totally call my first album Cassis de Dijon after this important European Court of Justice case which settled vital questions regarding the ideal alcohol content for liquers.

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nola32 said...

article 28 (formerly article 30) reminds me of the fact that katie's roller derby number is section (i can't figure out how to do the symbol on this computer) 1923. i could totally be wrong on the section number, but it's something like that. ahhh, lawyers and their lame ass humor. (that's right, i'm looking at you- not that i haven't had my fair share of lame legal jokes). :P