Friday, December 14, 2007

Planet Unicorn Heyyy

Planet Unicorn is a series of cartoon shorts about A PLANET... FULL... OF UNICORNS! that was wished into existence by an 8-year-old gay boy named Shannon.

The main characters are Feathers, the feisty, Southern unicorn; Cadillac, the Hispanic unicorn who likes to have the last word; and Tom Cruise, the -- uh -- third unicorn.

As you would expect the unicorns are cute and innocent. But they can also be vain, superficial and catty (I don't think this is just me projecting). They're also not so smart.

Here's a typically cracky 3 1/4 minute episode:

You can watch the whole series here.

I have to thank Amanda for reintroducing me to Planet Unicorn and for finding the website. Back in the day, Planet Unicorn was featured on this show on VH1 called Acceptable TV which was only on the air for a hot minute (I only know about it thanks to BWE). The premise behind Acceptable TV was that each week they'd show half an hour worth of shorts, then viewers (all 10 of them) could go online and vote for which shorts they'd like to see more of. Enthusiasts were also encouraged to submit their own videos for possible inclusion on future episodes. Planet Unicorn was of course a crowd favorite. Which unicorn is YOUR favorite?

You can find more video series by the creators of Planet Unicorn, Mike Rose and Tyler Spiers, (along with like a million other videos) on this site called Channel 101.

Also, no post about unicorn videos would be complete without Charlie the Unicorn:

Props to Becky S for introducing me to this classic... and getting the Candy Mountain cave song stuck in my head.

WHAT I'M EATING/DRINKING RIGHT NOW: Taco Bell (2 bean burritos w/o cheese, 1 steak taco w/o cheese) and a Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea.


Dancer in DC said...

I love Planet Unicorn! Glad you found it, too.

Josie said...

i love how in one episode Cadillac, the Hispanic unicorn, turns into a bicycle. Cuz, you know, a bicycle is also called a Mexican Cadillac. ;)