Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Musing: Plastic Lids

When I was a teenager and
I saw one of those plastic lids
they place on top of paper cups
in fastfood restaurants and the like
with raised buttons you can press
marked COLA, DIET and ICED TEA,
I always would imagine that
someday a thousand years from now
a scientist who represents
some future civilization,
while excavating the remains
of our decaying cityscape,
would uncover this flimsy disk
(which will outlast the cup and me)
and studying its hieroglyphs
he would declare that this forebear
had once enjoyed a DIET drink.


nola32 said...

when i was a teenager i used to press all of the little buttons so that it was impossible to discern what i was drinking. i love to confuse future generations.

Meeg said...

My brother would do that too. I would tell him he was messing up the archaeological record... well, not in so many words.