Thursday, December 6, 2007

Have a Very Homeboy Chanukah

My friend, Flaca, sent me this video a few days ago showing us all how to celebrate Chanukah thug style. Since then I've watched it several times so I figure that's a good enough reason to share it with you all.

Personally, I like to think of Chanukah as an excuse to eat fried foods.

I also stumbled across this moronic article by Christopher Hitchens about how if it wasn't for Chanukah there'd be no Al Qaeda and we'd all be living in a perpetual, Hellenistic wonderland. For those of you who are fortunate enough not to be acquainted with this clown, Hitchens is this conservative writer/journalist who (a) is one of the ten people on Earth who support Bush's war in Iraq and (b) takes every possible opportunity to ridicule and/or demonize anyone who believes in God or is anyway religious.

Oh, and here's my own little miracle of oil anecdote. When Nicole and I shared an apartment on Third Street in the New Orleans' Garden District back in 2003-2004, Nicole bought a little table and (2) chairs set off of a former law school classmate who was moving out of town. These chairs turned out to be crazy fragile, and after like two weeks of use one of the chairs fell apart. The other chair became wobbly and unstable shortly after that, yet, miracuously, it still stayed in one piece for months and months. So Nicole and I started referring to it as the Chanukah chair (there's some debate as to which one of us was the first to come up with this term) since, like the oil in the temple that was only sufficient for one day but ended up lasting for eight, this chair which we expected to give way any second ended up serving us for several months. When you think about it, the Chanukah story is all about lagniappe.

So have a happy Chanukah everybody, eat some tempura!


nola32 said...

christopher hitchens really is a tool. god, i hate that guy.

i'm not even going to comment on the disputed authorship of the term "chanukah chair". mmhmm.

Meeg said...

Remember when you offered to give me credit for some other joke that we heard on television in turn for the Chanukah chair?

nola32 said...

hehe. i totally do. what was the television joke? i don't even remember anymore.