Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking Your Age and the City

We recently discussed Carrie from Sex and the City, so I figured we should tackle Samantha.

I just read an article (originally reported by the Hollywood Rag) in which Kim Catrall says that she's had botox before but that she's never had any serious plastic surgery because she's afraid of looking in the mirror and not recognizing herself. She basically says that all those older actresses (and actors) who go under the knife to try and look 18 end up looking like freaks. In the article, Catrall says that she admires sexy, mature women like Helen Mirren and Judie Densch and that her goal is to look fabulous while still looking her age.

Right on. We all want to look good, but I guess there is something bizarre and unnatural about 45-year-olds who can pass for 20. The obvious example of a celebrity who transformed herself into a "plastic alien" in her quest for the fountain of youth is, of course, Cher back when she sang that "Believe" song (She was 52! What's she up to now?). The always amazingly radiant Michelle Pfeiffer sort of looks preternaturally preserved, especially in the 2002 movie White Oleander (she was 44 -- not that old I guess, but she definitely looked way younger). Then there's Demi Moore who at 45 is definitely not trying to look her age (although I feel that has more to do with her insane fitness regimen than with plastic surgery -- maybe I'm being naive?). Anyway, no matter how good your plastic surgeon may be you can never fool the reaper: he knows how old you really are.

So, getting back to Kim Catrall, can you believe she is 51?! I think she looks great and that her character Samantha is always a lot of fun. Several months ago Kim told the media that, although she thinks Samantha is really special, she is only doing this Sex and the City Movie for the money. Duh! Why does anybody do anything ever? Wait a minute, I'm not getting paid to write this blog post...

People's opinions on Kim Catrall seem to vary a lot. I always thought she was pretty good in Sex and the City, but my friend Lee absolutely hates her because of her role or performance or something in Big Trouble in Little China. I must admit that I have never seen this modern classic from start to finish (I know, I know), and I feel when I do watch it I'll be too busy thinking "Oh look, there's Samantha" to really critique her performance. I have also never seen more than 5 minutes of another of her movies, Baby Geniuses, but that was more than enough time to come to the conclusion that it was an unwatchable crime against humanity (Oh my god, Kathleen Turner was in that too?!). These are hardly films worthy of Helen Mirren and Judy Densch, Kimmy.

Oh, and IMDB says that Kim Catrell is British Canadian -- did you know that? I wasn't exactly sure how to fit that into this post, but I thought it was interesting.

The above photo of Kim Catrell and SJP was taken during filming of the Sex and the City Movie. What the hell are they wearing?! Did animal rights activits just throw red pain on Samantha's fur coat or what?

Image taken from http://www.hollywoodrag.com/


Josie said...

We musn't forget her thespian triumph that is the movie, Mannequin. "Hollywood, come EAT ME, Hollywood!!"

Josie said...

Oh, and according to gossip reports, Demi has indeed had numerous surgeries in her vain attempt to keep Ashton interested. She, again, according to reports, has even gone so far as having knee lifts.

Meeg said...

Oh yeah I heard about the knee thing... well there's no bigger turn off than old lady knees, I guess. And how could I forget Mannequin!