Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lara Croft takes on Darfur

When she wasn't too busy being an award-winning actress, raising her four children (not including Brad, ha ha ha!), saving the world as a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commission on Refugees, and (clearly) not eating enough, Angelina Jolie managed to squeeze in the time to write an article for the Economist. Yes, you heard me right, the Economist: the solidly respectable London-based magazine which reports on international politics and economics.

If the idea of "Gia" writing for the Economist isn't enough to get your blood boiling, then you just need to look at the issue's other guest writers. There's the Dalai Lama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, New York Mayor Bloomberg... and Lara Croft Tombraider!

I was totally going to buy a copy of the Economist at the airport today just so I would have more snark fodder (it's a good magazine to read anyway), but I didn't have a chance so we'll just have to rely on second hand descriptions of her article. From what I've read, Angie says that the best way for us to combat human rights violations, such as the genocide in Darfur, is to prosecute those who are responsible. Good call, Ange. It's too bad that the US is not on board with the International Criminal Court, although I bet the Bush Administration is happy about that: I mean, it wouldn't take too much imagination to come up with a war crimes case against those jerks.

The above photo was taken during the filming of Angelina's upcoming movie The Changeling. Doesn't she look hot? I love me a good peekaboo hat.

I also read on dlisted that Brad is angry about some of the changes that Angelina requested for her upcoming film Wanted (God, how many movies does this girl have coming out?). Apparently Angelina had the writers beef up her onscreen romance with young, Scottish buck, James McAvoy. She also had them throw in a nude scene with her in the bath for good measure (she ain't no fool). I think this marital strife sounds pretty made up, but it's still fun to think about. And let's not forget how Angelina and Brad got together: they totally started sleeping together during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston!

Photo from filming of the Changeling found on dlisted.

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nola32 said...

well, don't we all want more naked time with james mcavoy? anyway, she needs a fresh male to suck the sexy out of.