Thursday, November 8, 2007

Not to put too fine a point on it...

It's super late right now, but I was wondering whether you have seen the new show, Pushing Daisies, yet. Pushing Daisies was created by Bryan Fuller, who also came up with Wonderfalls. Wonderfalls was about a 20-something slacker whose life changes (sort of) when toy animals begin to tell her what to do. It was one of those shows that you didn't hear about when it was on the air, it got cancelled in a hot minute, and then you see it years later and are like "this is awesome! too bad there's only 6 episodes."

Pushing Daisies is about this guy (Lee Pace who played Jaye's brother in Wonderfalls) who since boyhood has had the inexplicable power to bring dead things back to life. Of course there's a catch: if he touches them again they're dead for good, and if he doesn't kill them again in 60 seconds or less something else in the general vicinity has to die in their place. So of course the guy does the obvious thing: he opens a pie shop, and in his spare times he helps a black PI (with attitude) solve murders (by reviving the recently deceased long enough for them to tell him what happened).

The show has a similar feel to the movie Amelie or Big Fish. It features super-saturated, glowing visuals, and it's narrated by that old guy who does the "In heaven, Walgreen's is open 24 hours" commercials. It is a fairytale, and at the same time it has a weird sense of humor and manages to fit in elements such as bulimic chicks and murderous corporate conspiracies without it being too jarring. As if that's not cracky enough it's also a musical.

I know it's out of context, but this is my favorite scene to date in which the characters break out into "[Build A Little] Birdhouse In Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants.

Can you believe they show this on television!


nola32 said...

seriously, how can you not love that song? and i saw the adverts for that show and wanted to see it. some of us forget though and have no dvr to fall back on! poor me!

Meeg said...
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Meeg said...

Last night was a repeat (I bet it was the pilot), and they reshow it on Friday night I think so now's you chance to check it out.

Also, so far they've summed up the premise neatly at the beginning of each episode so you wouldn't be totally lost if you started watching in medias res.

Ada said...

I'm putting in a request for a flippant blog about absolute trash.... like a movie star or something... or someone we love to hate or hate to love... just gimme some TRASH! LOL