Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lantau Island

After a stop at a jade store that didn't really interest me so much, we sped off to Lantau Island. To get there, the tour bus crossed one of Hong Kong's recently constructed suspension bridges. As you can see from the photo below the waters were swarming with commercial ships. We also learned that the upper deck of the bridge was closed to traffic during monsoons. Lantau is a large island to the south and west of Hong Kong proper. It is home to the Hong Kong International Airport as well as Hong Kong Disneyland.

The chartered bus dropped us off at Citygate shopping center in Tung Chung. Here I managed to lose the rest of the group. The courtyard was huge and teeming with humanity, and just stepping foot in the mall kind of made me woozy. Not having slept much the night before was catching up with me plus this complex was huge, so I quickly gave up on finding everybody.

And, as I said before, I didn't have a functioning cellphone here in Asia so there was no way of getting in touch with anybody. It was sort of like a painful flashback to the days before everyone had cellphones, when you would -- say -- lose your Dad in the mall, and it would take 20 minutes for you all to find each other, and it would suck. Or did that sort of thing only happen to me? After awhile I realized that the group must be getting lunch somewhere and that the smartest thing for me to do would be to wait for them by the entrance to the complex.

So that was a frustrating experience, but on the up side I grabbed a bite to eat at this awesome little place in the courtyard. If I'm not mistaken it was called "Rice" and it seemed like it was part of a chain. They served rice balls made with different kinds of rice including like Himalayan red rice and purple sticky rice stuffed with different kinds of vegetables and meat (I remember seeing emperor vegetable on the list and tuna). You could choose your own rice and other ingredients off an a la carte list or order one of the recommended combinations (which is what I did, because it was easier). It all seemed really healthy, and the one I had was great. And as if this wasn't great enough, they had different flavored soy milk drinks to wash it down. They totally need to bring these places to the US: I mean, if there was one by my office, I would eat there all the time.


nola32 said...

ohhh, i love rice balls. did i ever make you watch that bizarre japanese film in which all of the main characters have gone on to limbo (or something like that) and they are forced to remember the happiest moment in their lives? once they do they make a film to recreate it and then they're forced to watch it. while they're watching it they somehow go back to that time and then they disappear into the film so that they can live out that one moment for all of eternity. the best was this one woman who's fav memory is of her grandmother taking her out to make these yummy yummy rice balls. not that i like them so much that i want to make OR eat them for all of eternity.

Meeg said...

I think you might have told me about the movie before, but I haven't seen it.

And you would have totally LOVED this place. Much like you would love the juice place near my office.