Monday, August 13, 2007

Kowloon Nightlife

That night a group of us ended up going out in Kowloon. It wasn't really planned, but we ended up going on a mini-pub crawl through some of area's hot spots.

First we went to this club called Aqua Spirit, located on the 29th floor of the Tsim Sha Tsui building, which was decked out with posh, loungey decor and whose picture windows commanded an impressive view of the harbor at night and the lights of Central.

After that we headed to the nearby Felix Bar which is located in the Peninsula Hotel. Someone had read in their guidebook that this was the swankest bar in town and that getting a drink here would make you feel like 007. We really didn't get the full experience, however, since the bar was basically closing up by the time we arrived. I think we were the only patrons in there. The bartender did agree to fix us a round of drinks however. Also, before we left, we ALL made sure to check out the men's room as the guidebook mentioned how it was a sight to see. The whole restroom was needlessly opulent with inch-thick marble doors on the stalls and what not, but the highlight was the view from the urinals. I didn't take any pictures but check out this site to get some idea:

Our last stop in Kowloon that night was a place around the corner called Sticky Fingers which sounds nasty but was really just a regular pub that's open late and had a live band.

That wasn't the end of our adventures that night, however. After we returned to the hotel, I went with Baylor Heather and B. Love to a hole-in-the-wall little restaurant nearby. First we were almost kicked out for being rowdy, then the crazed, mustachioed owner was like challenging us to arm wrestle or something (I have no idea really). There was no English menu, so we asked our "new friend" to chose something for us telling him that we liked vegetables and chicken. I remember I enjoyed whatever he brought out, but Heather wasn't feeling the non-white meat chicken or the duck.

There was a bit more drunken craziness when we got to the hotel before I decided to call it a night. Apparently, the various wedding guests had all kinds of drunkshow escapades.


Ada said...

LOL... me thinks from the sight of you bastards at breakfast the next day, that you did that night no justice... unless that is, you barely can recall it... LOL

Zachary said...

The urinals at Felix were amazing. It totally fulfilled that dream of every boy to piss off a very tall building onto hapless fools wandering the streets below.

nola32 said...

drunk? i see no drunks. meeg isn't properly drunk unless he walks in the front door, falls against the door jam and quietly moans, 'help me! i can't walk!' and then breaks out into hysterical laughter. oh yeah, and he might try to put an eye out with a pencil. now THAT'S drunk.

Meeg said...

yeah that was a whole 'nother degree of inebriation that.