Sunday, August 5, 2007

...and we're back

Hi, everybody, sorry about the extended break there.

As you know I went away on vacation for three weeks, then I was put out of commission for about a week by jet lag and a nasty little cold I caught in Beijing , and then I had to send my laptop away to be repaired.
Here's what happened with the computer: when I got home I was very excited to load all of my vacation photos on to the laptop. In my eagerness, somehow I put the memory card from my camera into the slot on the laptop incorrectly and it got stuck. In my attempts to remove the card I only succeeded in pushing it further in there. And then my laptop wouldnt even boot up because the thing was all up in there and messing shite up. So -- wrapping up this boring anecdote -- I took my laptop to Best Buy, they said they would need to send it away to get fixed, and it came back (the Lord be praised, with the memory card intact) last Friday.

Since then... I don't really have an excuse for not returning sooner, I've just been too lazy and drunkshow to post anything.
But anyway I'm back now. I know how you all rely on me to give you something to read for 5 minutes in order to break up the drudgery and mind-numbing boredom of your office jobs, and I feel your pain! Trust me, I know it all to well.

So I had a great time on my vacation. Several people have made comments implying that they took it for granted that I would blog all about my vacation ("I can't wait to read about this on your blog" or words to that effect). For some reason this surprised me; I guess because up until now my posts have been very up-to-the-minute (i.e. stories about what I did the day of the post or the night before or discussing some article that I read at work that day). But I guess blogging about my big vacation in Asia makes sense for two reasons: (a) so much happened in the three weeks that sitting down with everybody individually and telling them all about it is a daunting prospect and yet there is lots of information I want to share and (b) writing about Hong Kong and Bangkok is lightyears more interesting than recounting the mundane crap I do on most days in DC (cf. the above anecdote about going to Best Buy). So I've decided to start giving you posts about my trip perhaps interspersed with "breaking news" if anything exciting should come along.

That being said, I am about to run to Whole Foods and pick up a few things. Assuming I don't get waylaid by that temptress alcohol, I will start off writing about Hong Kong when I return.

In the meantime here's a pic of me in Beijing. FYI, I've uploaded all my vacay pics to a Picasa web album. Feel free to check them out. I'll try and get around to organizing them better and maybe adding captions so y'all who weren't there can know what you're looking at.

Bye for now. Respectfully yours, Meeg.

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nola32 said...

have you captioned those damn things yet? i went through all of them and just kept thinking, 'pretty building, pretty building, oohhh! nice sculpture... i have no idea where any of this is!' it was all very confusing. i NEED a guided tour here, meeg!!!