Saturday, June 16, 2007

What, me quarry?

Hey, everybody. Sorry I haven't been more dutiful about the blog posts these last few days. It's not that blog worthy stuff hasn't been going on in my life: it's just that things have been keeping me from writing about them such as being busy, alcoholism, casual sex, sloth, and the heat (my god, the heat!).

Anyway, I may have already told you how I was taking a scuba diving class. This weekend I did the openwater dives you need to complete to get certified. In order to manage this, I needed to rent a car so I could drive myself out to the quarry in Haymarket (or, as I liked to think of it: Bum Fuck, Virginia).

I had big plans to memoralize the occasion by taking pictures of the quarry and/or my dorky ass in a wetsuit, but when I got there I realized that my camera's battery was dead. So we'll have to make due with the above photo of some divers in the quarry which I found on the internet.

I was probably at least as worried about the car rental as I was about diving, but the whole thing went off without incident. As always happens to me, they didn't have the size car that I reserved when I got to the rental place, and so I opted for the next car up: a Ford Taurus. Thus I was driving around the highways and byways of Arlington County in a solid, dependable old man car.

Speaking of driving: today the Vatican diffused a set of "Ten Commandments for Motorists." Beat that, Moses! These new "Commandments" warn the faithful against road rage and drinking-and-driving and remind us that we should aim to be courteous drivers and help those in need such as victims of car accidents.

Usually my reaction to everything that's come out of Pope Benedict's Vatican has been a resounding "oh, just shut up!" such as on his recent trip to Brazil where he philosophised about how the Catholic Church and the Christian faith had "purified" the indigeneous people of the Americas thus belittling pre-Colombian religious traditions and suggesting these people were savages before missionaries shared with them the good news. And when he threatened Mexican lawmakers with excommunication for moving to legalize abortion. And his condemnations of gays whom he referred to as "objectively disordered." And who can forget the pope's well chosen words, in a speech calling for Muslims to reject violence, when he decided it was a good idea to quote Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologus who asserted that Mohammed added nothing to Western religion but evil and inhumanity, referring in particular to the prophet's call to spread the faith by the sword.

But I am all for these "Ten Commandments" of the road. Heck, I did my fair share of praying behind the wheel this weekend (as well as a little taking the Lord's name in vain).

Tonight's beer of choice: Abita Restoration Ale
TV show currently on pause: Big Love


Gaz said...

I just clicked on "next blog" and up you came...I liked the post cos I'm a diver, so best of luck with your open water certificate!

Nicole said...

i want to get my diver's cert. i don't know why i didn't when my brothers did. all i know is that i bought robin tickets to see janeane garofalo live for his birthday and that it had been rescheduled because of a hurricane scare (ahhh, do you remember the days when all the calls for evacuation were just crap and nothing ever came of them? i even remember loving them as they usually meant we got days off of class and those days were generally sunny and mild. then they made me cancel my birthday party and all hell broke loose...). by the time they finally rescheduled the concert it happened to fall on the weekend that robin was going to florida for his open water dive. so i had to find someone else to take the ticket.
do you remember that time there was the hurricane scare and i made you come stay at mine because i was worried about that big window in your place? boy, was that a fun time.

Meeg said...

Yes, that bitch Katrina totally ruined your birthday. And I totally remember when we decided I should evacuate my apartment on the 6th floor to stay with you in your dad's basement.

Remember how I made you a mixed CD which you forever came to associate with floodwater?

Nicole said...

oh my god, the floodwater cd! i totally forgot about that. what was on it? i can't even remember. something tells me that there was probably some belle & sebastian... call it a guess.

Bracha said...

Why is the vatican sending out Ten Commandments for motorists? Am I missing something here????? Is a joke that I am simply not getting????

Meeg said...

It's totally weird but the Church seriously issued this document.

I feel like this is about how the Vatican believes they have the authority to speak out on any topic. Like at one point the Church endorsed the Big Bang Theory as the way it went down at the beginning of time.