Tuesday, June 12, 2007

t.A.T.u. update

So, a few weeks ago I told you all about Putin's latest smackdown on glastnost which involved the arrest of gay rights activists marching in Moscow. I also told you about how the faux lesbians from 2002-2003's biggest Russian pop duo, t.A.T.u, showed up for all the fun. Then I talked a lot of smack about t.A.T.u.'s kissing schoolgirl charade and their screechy innane music (which I admitted rocking out to) before dismissing their present day musical endeavors.

Well, it seems my suggestions that t.A.T.u. would slip forever into obscurity were a bit premature, because, according to Variety magazine, there is a bizarre new film in the works called Finding t.A.T.u in which Mischa Barton is going to star opposite the poptarts.

From what I read, Mischa Barton plays an American girl living in Moscow who develops an ambiguous relationship with a Russian girl based on their shared love of t.A.T.u. as well as a drug problem. All this is set against the backdrop of Moscow's frenetic club scene and the exciting world of internet chatrooms.

Sounds weird right? Apparently, RAMCO, the production company behind this project, also produced a political thriller called Silent Partner starring Tara Reid (wow, how much do I want to see that!)

While we are on the topic of Mischa Barton, I must confess that she falls into the category of celebrities that I inexplicably hate. I recognize that she is very beautiful (although sometimes she looks a little too frail and birdlike in my humble opinion) and for all I know she could be a talented actress and an intelligent person -- although somehow I REALLY doubt it.

But I think my hatred for Mischa stems from the fact that I never watched the OC and I was frustrated by her ubiquity in the celebrity fashion/gossip magazines which are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. Whenever I came across a photo of her in one of these rags my reaction would be something like "Since when does Mischa Barton qualify as a celebrity?" or "Why should I care what Mischa Barton is doing on her vacation?" or simply "I hate Mischa Barton!" Don't feel too bad, Mischa, I hate Rachel Bilson too.

I originally found the link to the article about Finding t.A.T.u. in a great bestweekever post counting down 10 of the most awesomely bad movies in which musicians play an exaggerated version of themselves. My only complaint is that they left out Class Act: the hilarious, early 90's classic in which Kid n' Play are a nerd and a thug (respectively) who switch places for some reason. It features such unforgettable lines as "How big did you say them titties were?"

Also, along with My Best Friend is a Vampire, Class Act is one of those movies where some high school kid is acting strangely and his parents, grabbing a hold of the wrong end of the stick, decide they have to come to terms with the fact that their son is gay. Then, towards the end of the movie, the kid is like "Mom, dad, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Jane" which is met with the response "Boy, are we glad to meet you!" I am obsessed with this phenomenon, but perhaps that is a topic for another post.

Photo of Mischa Barton taken by John Galliano for Elle France's May 21, 2007 issue.


Josie said...

did you see those diaper pants mischa wore? if she cant envoke our hatred from that fashion flub alone then i can't imagine what else she would have to do (kill babies?!). Also, do you remember the film Disorderlies? The one where the Fat Boys played themselves playing male nurses and got to make fun of old people? Sigh. good times, good times.

Meeg said...

Do I remember Disorderlies? Vividly!

Leigh-Anne said...

So glad the best week ever list included Cool As Ice. To quote Vanilla,"Lose the zero and get with the hero!" Well said, Mr. Ice.