Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Queen Venus

This is a rewrite for a little vignette that I wrote several years ago but subsequently lost. It's definitely one of those pieces that offer a window into my twisted mind. The photograph (which I didn't take) is of Lake Bled in Slovenia, but this is a work of fiction and I do not believe anything like the events depicted in my story take place in Bled. I was lucky enought to visit in late November 1998, and it was beautiful.
In our small lakeside town, what began centuries ago as a primeval celebration of the rites of spring had been carried into the present day in the town's redlight district. It was not only the usual patrons of this underworld who would attend, but also interlopers from the more respectable half of town: housewives, pensioners, the occassional tourist -- even older children, for the inhabitants of the Lakes Region were not shy about sex.

The ceremony's organizers would procure a morbidly obese woman for the occassion -- the fatter, the better. For one night she would be revered as Queen Venus, and she would serve as the focal point of the ceremony. All made up, Venus would be led out onto the stage where she would disrobe before laying herself out on the circular bed, exposing that expanse of white cellulite that didn't quite seem human.

Then there were the ceremony's male participants. According to ancient tradition, these were meant to be strong, beautiful, pink-cheeked men in the first flower of youth; but in this degenerate modern spectacle, they were more likely to be coarse, no-longer-young men: men with pockmarked faces who had never had much luck with women and laughed too eagerly at dirty jokes.

These men would emerge, already nude, from the recesses of the stage's red curtains and encircle Queen Venus. They would then proceed to grab hold of their engorged members and to rub them between the plentifold folds of the amorphous Earth goddess. As the men thrusted at her from all angles, Venus could be heard to moan with pleasure as if she actually derived carnal satisfaction from their attentions.

When the men climaxed, so did the ceremony which was tradionally meant to ensure the fecundity of the community's young women as well as a fine harvest in the vineyards.

As a boy, I always found the figure of Queen Venus to be the subject of perverse fascination. I couldn't help but ponder her orifice, fatally hidden beneath mounds of flesh, which I imagined to be small and red and shaped like a playing card heart Y

Photo of Lake Bled taken by Wikipedia User Marianocecowski and is under Wikipedia commons GNU free license.



Hi Meeg! I was reading your blog this morning and I can see I have a lot new words to looks very interesting! where do you live? my "cuñado" (brother in word!!) lives near Arlintong VA, and I went there 9 years ago for my honeymoon. it was amazing! I went to all museums at smithsonians, and believe me , it was one of the most interesting places I´ve ever gone.
OK, I´m so happy I found your blog, so I can practice my english too!
Greetings from El Salvador!!

Desiree said...

OMG! A commenter from El Salvador, that is Tamigilicious. I think you should become pen pals.