Sunday, June 3, 2007


Friday night I worked late. When I got home it was after 10. I chatted with my friend Ada for a little bit via gmail and then, even though I was exhausted, I went to the gym. >pat self on back<

When I got back, I took a shower and got dressed to go out since a friend from my Spanish class was supposed to call me up to go someplace. That didn't end up happening which was fine with me since I was super tired. I ended up sitting on the couch for awhile drinking and stuff. Then, at around 1:15 AM, I left the apartment in an unsuccessful attempt to get a drink at a bar before the dreaded last call (aah, "last call": perhaps the biggest downside of life in exile).

When I got outside it was dark and damp, and the day's heat had broken. There was a slight breeze. As I waited for the light on the corner behind my building (18th & S Fern), I saw the most bizarre thing. Now, as I stated previously, I had been partaking a bit of the good stuff back in my apartment, so I'm not sure how reliable my eyewitness account is. But I swear I saw a classic car drive past, like a mint green cadillac, whose back end seemed to be riding significantly lower than its upturned nose. The top was down, and I could see four people riding: two men and two women. One moment I took them for young, black hipsters, and the next I felt like they were older, white people. Either way, I am pretty sure that the men were both wearing boater hats.

Just thought I would share that strange vision with you all, perhaps scope out your theories on whether this (a) actually happened, (b) was some sort of hallucination, or (c) is not even that weird and I'm just trippin'.

Aha, I think I figured out how to add a poll here let's see...

Sa-weet. Feel free to share your comments as well.

Also... just to end the rebo fest that was my "million dollar idea": Ada told me that they do indeed make shower curtain reenforcements. She thinks she bought them from Ace hardware. >shudder< Armed with this knowledge, I scoured the internet and found a website where you can buy these things. Anyway, I bought me a box. I guess we can all rest easier knowing shower curtain reenforcements are readily available and all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.


Ada said...

Sorry to burst your bubble there Jeeves. I will break you off some when I make money off my million dollar idea:-)

Bracha said...

W/r/t the "hallucination" I think that it is a classic case of seeing (1) what is actually there vs. (2) what your mind thinks should actually be there. Hence the inaccuaracy of eyewitness accounts.

Meeg said...

That's so true.

When you don't get a good look at something or you don't remember something your brain fills in the blanks with what it figures is logical based on your past experiences. And sometimes your brain may even replace dissonant details with what it thinks is more likely.

I heard once that the act of recalling a memory is a creative act, and I believe it. Eyewitness accounts can be notoriously unreliable because you may initially remember something incorrectly and then become convinced that that is what you originally saw because you're recalling the image you created. Think about stuff you thought you remembered vividly from childhood which turn out to be different when you see them again years later.