Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meeg's Million Dollar Idea

So tonight I got home from my weekly Spanish class at like 9:30. Rather than drop off my things, change into my gym clothes and head straight up to the gym -- as I told myself I was going to, and as I tell myself I'm going to on all nights like this -- I instead dropped off my things, changed into my gym clothes, opened up my laptop, and got sucked into the black hole that devours spare time that is the internet.

Then my friend Nicole called me (I was shocked to hear my cellphone's ringtone because lately nobody EVER calls me) to tell me that she was watching television and that Just My Luck was on "one of the HBOs." This is a cute, bizarre little comedy that nobody's ever seen starring a pre-rock bottom Lindsay Lohan and featuring a scene in which you can see my pudgy face in the extreme background for a full two seconds.

So of course I had to watch that at least long enough to re-live my film debut (that's a story for another blog post). Then I decided to have a bowl or two of this amaranth flakes cereal I bought from Whole Foods over the weekend as part of my alterna-grains kick (cf. the quinoa post). Before I knew it, it was like 10:30 and I figured I had better go to the gym already or forever hold my peace.

When I got back about 45 minutes later, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and there the sight of my shower curtain brought to mind the million dollar idea that came to me about a week and a half ago.

Now I am not one of those people who are always coming up with "million dollar ideas" for products that might be advertised late at night on basic cable channels for $19.99; what happened is that I was at work, and I asked my friends Desiree if they made reinforcements for shower curtains. You know reinforcements: those little white rings that you use to keep sheets of paper in your binder after you've comprimised one or more of the three holes the metal loops go through? (Ha! As if I ever kept my papers in a binder when I was in school! Oh, it is to laugh. )

Anyway... Desiree told me that such a thing did not exist, and she kind of smiled a little bit pondering how naive I am regarding the ways of the world. When I heard the bad news I was like "damn" because two of my shower curtain's little holes were indeed ripped clean through so that the left end my shower curtain falls off the hooks and hangs limp (cf. photo supra).

I seriously thought these things might have existed, and I had even been looking for them on the internet a few days before.

Desiree was like "I have the same problem." and I was like "why don't they make these things? I'd buy 'em!" Des said she'd buy them too.

So that's my idea, someone should invent shower curtain reinforcement: little, water resistant plastic rings that are adhesive on one side for you to use when the integrity of you shower curtain's holes get compromised. And 2 out of 2 people in my informal poll said they would purchase this product. I mean, I guess buying a new shower curtain isn't that expensive, but this would be easier (and more environmentally sound) and plus I really dig my shower curtain and don't want to have to go shopping around for another one.

So, readers, if one of you with the requisite know-how wants to steal this idea and run with it I clearly don't have a patent or anything so feel free. You could even keep all the cheddah, just as long as you send me a complimentary box or two!



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Amanda said...

Great idea, I would certainly purchase the shower reinforcements. Now we just need a catchy name--Saggy No Mores, perhaps? That sounds like reinforcements for something else ;) That reminds me of my great million dollar invention---the heated stripper pole. Cause those ladies don't like a cold pole!!

Desiree said...

I have been pondering this since that conversation. I thought this was our ticket out of contracting hell. I had already called my boy Ron Popeil! Why are you throwing our $$$?

Josie said...

give us the spanish definition of the word too! my puerto rican desk mate is gonna get sick of me soon :)

Bracha said...

I think that the reinforcements are a wonderful idea. If I had a shower curtain I would certainly buy them (I have a very unattractive sliding door thingee). In the event that I ever have a need to buy a shower curtain, I would even buy them as a preventative aid. Sagginess is anathema to me in all instances.
As to the name, I think that "Curtain Contraceptives" is good, but it may be a bit too risque for Middle America.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

You mean these? :)

(In convenient TinyURL format!)

Meeg said...


Sadly, it took me two more posts to figure out that these things exist and you can buy them.