Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blog Dedication

Hi there!
So I figured it was time that I start making my contribution to that layer of unsubstantiated gossip, incoherent rants, sociopath manifestos, unread cries for attention, and solidified teen angst surrounding our globe known as the "blogosphere".
"What is the purpose of this blog?" you might well ask. I figured I would post some of the pics I might take with my hot new digital camera (like this "impromptu" action shot of me sitting on my couch). I also plan on recounting stories of interesting things that happen to me (if any), sharing my random thoughts and "things I learned today", and posting some of the vignettes and what-i-like-to-think-of-as-clever turns of phrase that I scribble in my composition notebook on rare occasions. But mostly I plan on indulging my own egomaniacal sense of vanity.
So think of this blog as a window into my diseased mind or as an exercise in typographical masturbation.
Ok, now that that procedural business out of the way, lets move on to the substantive portion of this first post. Here's a chain-email style list of whats currently going on in my life:
SONG I'M CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Molly Bawn
MOVIE I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF WATCHING: Don't Look Now (1973) starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.
BOOK I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF READING: Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union

WHAT I MADE FOR DINNER TONIGHT: two wraps with broiled salmon, avocado and tomato which I ate with ketchup (it was a crazy amount of food)


MY SPANISH WORD OF THE DAY: platillo volador

COOLEST THING I FOUND ON THE INTERNET WHILE GOOFING OFF AT WORK TODAY: Mysteries to Behold in the Dark Down Deep: Seadevils and Species Unknown

Alrighty then, that's just about enough content for my first ever blog post. How about I conclude with a little blurb that I wrote down in my notebook the other day:

I can remember riding uptown on the streetcar on sunny afternoons. This was back when I was unemployed in Nola -- part of the leisured poor. I would have smoked before I left home and now, as I rolled past Saint Charles Avenue's mansions and the oak trees whose canopies shaded half the street and whose roots jacked up the sidewalk, my clouded mind felt a communion with the spirit of the City.

I have since learned that psychoanalysts have dubbed this sensation the "oceanic feeling": the sensation of being dwarfed by an entity whose limits you cannot hold in your mind, of your consciousness being overwhelmed and subsumed by its immensity. This is the feeling which overcame the poet Leopardi on his ermo colle and which one may experience staring out at the ocean or up at the night sky.

Some psychologists, sidestepping the metaphysical implications, suggest that this sensation of oneness with the surrounding infinity is a throwback to the womb.


Josie said...

I am so glad you are blogging! And the fact that the Midge and the Midget have bought the same couch unknowingly...that is spooky. Smootches!!

Amanda said...

Now we can finally discover "Everything We Wanted to Know About Chris Tamigi But Were Afraid to Ask". I eagerly await each new installment, as I believe you to be not only a most talented writer, but in possession of one of a unique perspective on life. And, I must point out to anyone who reads this, we have the same couch. Purchased in two locations (d.c. and tally) without consultation. Obviously a sign from above that we were meant to be besties!

Leigh-Anne said...

sweet. I've always wanted to know what was going on in your head. (Not in weird, martin short-innerspacesque kind of a way, but in a "I like the way you think" kind of way.) viva la tamigi blog!

Nicole said...

salmon with ketchup?!? i don't even know you anymore! what the hell is going on up there?

mennu said...

I agree with Nicole about the ketchup on the salmon. Maybe catsup would have been a better choice.

Welcome to the blogosphere. I've added you to my google reader, so I will make sure to be up to date with all the Meegful goodness.